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    Phil Nauta

    Great plugin, thanks! But it doesn’t include shipping data, so there’s no way for me to use your report to reconcile my books. Can you add a shipping column?


    Phil Nauta

    Correction, I see now that it does include shipping data, but not tax data. Can you include taxes? Otherwise, I can’t do my bookeeping.


    Shipping? Taxes? Which plugin are you using?


    Phil Nauta

    Ah, The plugin only looks at how much money is processed through each gateway. Nothing else.
    If you want tax or shipping info, look at the orders themselves or other reports.


    Phil Nauta

    But it isn’t including the tax, which is part of the money processed through each gateway.


    Phil Nauta

    You know what, I was wrong. There is a bug in my reports, but it’s not your plugin. Great plugin, thank you Arnan!


    Uh oh 😉


    Phil Nauta

    I think I found it. Are you not including refunds in these reports?


    For the purpose of the plugin, refunds are not relevant.
    The plugin helps you determine how much orders are paid through which gateway.

    For example for me; I have a payment option “Bancontact” it’s used once or twice a year.
    Seeing that in the stats may help me decide to remove that payment option. Or perhaps I don’t remember it being used, such is the case for my “IDeal” payment option, and seeing there are a bunch of sales through it yearly may remind me that I should keep it around…


    Phil Nauta

    I see. I’m using the plugin for bookkeeping. I enter the revenue numbers from your plugin into my spreadsheet and then I go to each gateway (e.g. Stripe, PayPal) to reconcile.

    Your plugin is excellent for that, but when refunds are missing from your numbers, it makes reconciling much harder.


    Hmm, yes, that’s not optimal 😉

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