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    So, I just went into ad-rotate pro to edit an advert:

    but got a blank screen when clicking on any add:

    I was unable to see the add.

    So I double checked my adrotate by turning off pro, seems an update to Version 4.14 was needed, I did this and pressed the green button.

    I then switched back to adroate pro, but now it says there are no adverts and no groups.
    Yet the adverts are on the site and visible in adrotate to edit and so on.

    So the adverts are there as, I can see them and they are showing in adrotate, but when pro is switched on the menu is blank and seems to think there are no ads.

    please help.

    my site



    Usually that’s some kind of database issue.
    Check in Settings > Maintenance that the database is up-to-date.
    You should see a bunch of Green version numbers near the bottom.

    If there is something amiss, click the “Run updater” button.



    Hi, all sorted.
    Turns out my version of adrotate pro was not compatible with the new version of regular adrotate.
    I updated adrotate pro via my server cpanel and all is now well.

    Question for you, seeing as you know about this sort of stuff:

    How come adrotate will update the core plugin via the wpress panel but for pro you need to use FTP on the server?
    I had been assuming that each time I updated both of the adrotate plugins via the wpress panel that they were fully updating both?



    You don’t need manual updates for AdRotate Pro, usually. With a valid license active it should work the same as any plugin with updates.

    If you’ve installed AdRotate Pro you no longer need the free version.
    Check these steps for the right upgrade method: https://ajdg.solutions/manuals/adrotate-manuals/upgrade-adrotate-to-adrotate-pro/
    You can also find these steps in the readme included with your purchase in your account on https://ajdg.solutions/my-account/



    So my AdRotate Pro from 2015 that was version 3.18 (or something) should have updated to 4.17 that I have now automatically?

    But you do need AdRotate still? (the free one)
    Just not active I thought?



    Any version 3.9.5 or newer should get automatic updates.
    Some servers/sites block it though – So that may be why.

    And no, you don’t need the free version if you have AdRotate Pro.
    Check the linked manual to see how to remove the free version without deleting your adverts.



    Oh yeah, sorry my fault, I had been fixating on this bit:

    If you have AdRotate (Free version) installed, de-activate it. But do NOT click delete.

    I kind of blanked out the rest.

    Cheers dude!



    That’ll happen 😉
    Let me know if you have further questions.

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