Post Injection above and below ads shows duplicates

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    Originally I had a problem where I had one group set to inject above content and one group set to inject below. I followed a recommendation to merge all the ads to a single group that injects to above & below from this post:

    Now I get a duplicate ad above and below. I have the checkbox selected to prevent duplicate ads.


    Arnan de Gans

    Make sure Sessions work on your site.
    If they don’t, you can usually fix that with a session plugin – As described in the duplicate setting description.



    The site is hosted on Liquid Web managed WP hosting, they don’t block $_SESSION.

    I tested the session plugin just to verify and confirmed in the PHP log:

    [10-Jul-2020 18:08:45 UTC] PHP Warning: session_set_save_handler(): Cannot change save handler when headers already sent in /home/s1/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-session-manager/vendor/ericmann/sessionz/php/Manager.php on line 133


    Arnan de Gans

    Errors do not mean a session is set up or working. This error specifically may just mean that there is output before the session handler.

    But let’s assume sessions work and are active/in use.
    You can look at the session by browsing a few pages with ads from a group on it. Then check the session and you should see a few properties in there with AdRotate in the name. They should list the ad IDs that are already shown on the page.

    The filter works like so; load all possible ads for the group. Every time an ad is placed, put the id in a list for that page. If it’s in the list, don’t pick it again.
    Sessions usually are destroyed when the tab is closed or expire after some time.

    The session data can usually be seen in your browsers inspector in the “Storage” tab somewhere.



    Do you have a list of hosts that are verified to work with sessions?



    If you can direct me towards some hosts that you know work with sessions I can continue troubleshooting this issue.


    Arnan de Gans

    Of-course I don’t have such a list. Most hosts have sessions enabled though.
    For my testing I use InMotion ->



    Well let’s be more specific:

    Liquid Web informed me sessions are not blocked.

    I have checked “Enable this option to prevent adverts in groups that are in Default or Block mode from showing multiple times on the same pageload.”

    I have tested with and without the session manager plugin you recommended.

    Ads are only in a single group that is set to inject above and below the content.

    Ads are still showing in duplicate above and below.

    What’s the next useful troubleshooting step so I can get this resolved?


    Arnan de Gans

    If the Session is not populated there is not much else to do or check.
    Something seems to be hindering things.

    I have a tool for AdRotate that let’s you see what’s in the session, but if you have a session manager you can probably see whats in $_SESSION already… So I’m not sure if that would help.

    I’ve tried to place a bunch of groups on a test site and no duplicates show up there.
    Does it work if you not use Post Injection? For example if you stick a group widget and a group shortcode on a page with the same 2-3 adverts? Or a couple of widgets.

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