Prevent multiple (different) ads from the same advertiser in block mode

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    How can I prevent that more than one advert from the same advertiser appears in a group which is in block mode (2 rows, 1 column)? I have this advertiser who has up to six different ads. These 6 should rotate but never appear together. There should be an option to prevent multiple (different) ads from the same advertiser in block mode.

    All advertisers (not ads!) should also appear evenly spread in this group, even if other advertisers only have one or two ads in the same group. This equal spread is difficult to achieve if all advertisers have different numbers of ads. I want my advertisers to deliver as much ads as he wants within the same campaign, but all advertisers need to be treated equally by the system.

    I use AdRotate Pro 5.5


    Arnan de Gans


    AdRotate Pro 5.5 introduced mechanic to not show double adverts on the same page. Blocks already did this inside the block.
    A option to not show different adverts from the same advertiser is not available. For most people such an option doesn’t make sense either, since all individual adverts need to be shown equally or to meet their targets. A restriction like you suggest works against that.

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