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    After the last update, 5.8.16, I can’t enter my ad assets, when I click Manage Adverts and then on any of the active or inactive ads, I’m taken to AdRotate Info and not the ad administration, so I can’t administer any of them.

    I wait, thank you.


    Arnan de Gans

    I’m not sure what you mean with that.

    The Info dashboard got removed in this version so you can’t end up there when clicking things.
    When I click any of the adverts to edit them (I think that’s what you mean?) it seems to work fine on my testsite.

    Can you clarify what you’er trying to do or where you end up when administering (editing?) adverts?



    Sure, let’s go

    When you click on Manage Advers, Active Adverts is listed.

    When trying to enter any ad by clicking on it, instead of being taken to the administration of the ad I am taken to the General Info page.

    I apologize for the writing, I am using the translator.



    Solved, the problem was in the cache.


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