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    We have installed the AdRotate plug-in and set up and built it.

    We have inserted the shortcode “[adrotate group=”1″]” and also “<?php echo adrotate_group(1); ?>” in Newspaper > Theme panel > ADS > Header ad, in a column text, in a html raw, etc. but it seems does not work properly, as you can see from the following link.

    Only the URLs of the banners uploaded and placed in the group are displayed.

    Why? Where and how we should insert the shortcode?

    If necessary, we can also provide you with access data as an administrator.

    Tks a lot

    Best regards



    I see a group 1 in your header, what’s not working about it?


    Yes yes, thank you for your reply.

    In the meantime I was waiting for an answer here I solved a first problem, that is instead of the banners the url of the banners were displayed.

    But now I have another problem, that you can see also in the attached screen and on URL

    The banners are displayed one below the other instead of one every 5 seconds in rotation as set.

    AdRotate banner


    Tks a lot

    Best regards


    You’ve probably set the wrong size for the adverts in your group settings.
    If you use ‘auto’, that doesn’t always work. Not all themes like that.



    If I set “auto” the result is what you can see in this screenshot.

    If I set “1040x200px”, which are the measures of the single banner, the result is what you can see in this screenshot.

    Can you help me please?

    Tks a lot



    But the actual size in your theme is 748x144px.
    So 200px is still too large/high.



    Ok, now the problem is solved on large screens; however on smaller screens you see even more banners one above the other.

    There are three banners in the group and they should change every 5 seconds, why doesn’t this work and it always stays the same banner?

    Tks a lot



    Dynamic mode is disabled by default on Mobile devices.
    Often the visitor has scrolled away from teh advert already before the 2nd advert can load.
    So it’s a bit of a waste to run a cycle of adverts.

    You can enable Dynamic mode for Mobile in Settings > General.


    Sorry, I didn’t make myself clear.
    I inserted three banners and then I grouped them creating a single group, the timing of the scrolling is set to 5 seconds.
    Despite this, I always keep seeing the first ad, it doesn’t pass to the second or the third of the group.


    Does it do that on mobile only? Or is it ‘stuck’ everywhere?


    Unfortunately it is ‘stuck’ everywhere! 🙁


    Your header advert rotates fine on my laptop in Safari and Firefox.
    So if it doesn’t work for you, try clearing your browser cache.


    I tried it on Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, etc. even clearing the cache etc.

    The banners do not rotate.

    I also thought that the problem could be due to the presence of two jgp and a gif, so I removed the gif but nothing has changed.

    Please, help me! I can give you the admin access, the site is under development so there is no problem.


    The type of image does not matter.
    If you use an adblocker, disable it for your site.

    I don’t know what else to tell you, your adverts rotate here on my computer and phone, so if it doesn’t work for you it’s something in your computer/browser that’s hindering the rotation from working. I can’t see what that is.


    The problem has been solved, thank you very much!

    I had a banner ad blocker on Kaspersky.

    Best regards


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