Problems with Clicks

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    Love your plugin, great interface, easy to use and am giving it a test run before upgrading to pro.

    I’ve got 11 ad spots on my site that I sell directly.

    Have placed ads in all of them, clicked the tracker and done everything as instructed.

    I went to another computer in the office, not logged in to the site. And went through and clicked ads to make sure they were registering clicks. Some are and some aren’t.

    Impressions register fine across all ads, but for some reason, clicks are registering consistently on certain ads.

    Hope you can help.




    Actually, after further review, I see there is a discrepancy in impressions now.

    Basically, I have 6 ads on the articles and 5 on the home page.

    Have talked to my host, SiteGround, as I thought their native cache plugin might be an issue, but they don’t have any idea.

    Thanks again, hope we can figure it out – I’ve tried other plugins and really like your interface and want to go pro 🙂




    If you’re in the same office you’re probably on the same IP address as far as the internet is concerned. AdRotate has a sort of timeout to not count multiple clicks from the same IP address.
    This is to prevent stats from inflating too fast, but also to hinder click farms.

    If Siteground has some kind of caching, that may interfere with stats collection as well. Some of such systems keep queries from running for example. Or don’t talk to PHP at all. Which prevents the stats code from running.
    But, AdRotate (Pro) is compatible with Borlabs Cache and W3 Total Cache.

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