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    Arnan de Gans

    When you start a new topic:
    Provide as much information as you think is relevant. Screaming “After activation my site broke” does not help at all. In this case we have to prod you for more information which does not speed things up. And you want it to work fast, now and immediately do you?

    So help us help you and tell us about your issue:

    • Which version of the plugin do you have?
    • Which WordPress version do you use?
    • What did you try to solve this issue?
    • Is your WordPress a multisite/networked installation?
    • Do you use a caching plugin? Which one?
    • Describe your problem short, to the point and without a long story around it.

    The result will be: 😀 😀

    Troubleshooting tips:

    • Update to the latest version of the plugin!
    • If it worked before, undo or review your changes and see if the error is there.
    • It probably isn’t a feature if you can’t find it…
    • Custom code and plugin modifications are not supported.
    • Really, update to the latest version!!

    Take these points into consideration:

    • Do not highjack a topic. Start your own.
    • Chances are your question has been asked and answered already.
    • It’s not a bug by default!
    • Be polite and have some patience. I’m working hard to answer your question in a timely manner.
    • More information is better. Post your plugin version, wordpress version, any information that offers me insight in your issue.
    • My plugins are created to be intuitive and easy to use. Logical thinking might just help you already.
    • Your responsiveness helps us help you.
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