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    I have created 3 ads, each in a different format for responsiveness.

    300×250 -> Device Mobile only
    470×90 -> Device Tablet only
    728×90 -> Device Desktop only

    All 3 ads are in a group. The group is displayed on the site.

    When watching the site on a desktop, the 300×250 ad still shows up. Or when I see a 728×90 ad, and I resize my screen to a mobile size, the ad does not switch to the 300×250 ad. We use Redis and NginX caching.

    For me the whole responsiveness mechanism does not work correctly. Wrong ad sizes are displayed and I don’t know how to fix this.


    Arnan de Gans

    Creating 3 mobile adverts and putting them in a group does not make things responsive.
    AdRotate Pro uses a script called Mobile Detect to spot which device is loading the page. If that is a mobile or tablet device, or a computer the appropriate advert will load. If you didn’t create/appoint an advert for a tablet it’ll fall back on the desktop advert.

    So resizing the screen won’t do anything as it’s still a laptop or tablet…

    If that’s not to your liking you can also try the Advert Generator, which lets you specify up to 4 images for 1 advert. The initial viewport will then determine which image is loaded for the advert.
    This is a CSS/HTML solution and does not involve detecting the device. It also does not responsively resize the advert, but if you start with a small browser window it should load the smaller advert. This method generally works fine, but not every browser cares for it… So it’s a little bit less accurate – Although in my testing it worked every time.
    You can read more about the generator here –



    The Advert generator seems not to work as expected.

    I select a banner image, for example a 300×250 image
    I fill in the target website

    Smaller devices: I select the same 300×250 image
    Middle sized devices: I select the 470×90 image
    Larger sized devices: I select the 728×90 image

    Target in new window: checked
    Nofollow: checked
    Alt and title: UNchecked

    Portability: not used

    Then I click Generate ad and configure.

    So I add a name and select a schedule and save it.

    The result is ONE single ad image (300×250) that is displayed on all window sizes.

    But I expected 3 ads, one for every viewport.

    Any ideas?



    Is there another way to split the ads based on the viewport width?


    Arnan de Gans

    Try clearing the browser cache on all devices you’re testing on. So that it can load the right images.



    Of course I tried that, but it has nothing to do with the fact that only 1 ad is generated


    Arnan de Gans

    Not sure what you’re expecting to happen, but the generator only makes one advert of the multiple images. As described on the page I linked you to earlier.
    Up-to 4 images for 1 advert. And the viewport decides which one shows up in supported browsers.

    Do you use caching on your site? If so, which plugin?

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