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    My issue is this:

    I have multiple group display points on my main page… each group has its own number of individual ads (3 or 4 a piece)…

    They are dynamic… and set to swap at 35 seconds.

    There is a spot on my site I can see three different groups rotating at the same time. Since everything is set the same – they all rotate the same from ad to ad.

    But one of my ad groups stops after all the ads display (there are four… on the 5th – it goes blank and either completely disappears from the page or minimizes to a zero size so as not to be seen). It does not advance to the next slide.

    I am using the latest version and so far – it has had some bumps but is working pretty awesome.



    Arnan de Gans

    Hi Matthew, is this a relative new install of AdRotate Pro? Or did you update from a older version recently? If so, you may want to clear the browser cache so it can download/cache a newer version of the javascript that makes the rotation work.

    If that doesn’t help please take a look at the last advert in the cycle – If it always gets ‘stuck’ on the same advert for example. Does it work if you remove that advert? That way you can figure out if the issue with AdRotate or the adverts you’re using. Of-course this works faster if you set the rotation to, say, 6 seconds temporarily ๐Ÿ˜‰



    I have since given it a few days to work out of our system. Both my local system and the server. The problem still persists. It’s always the final ad. There are four in rotation but I also tried it with three and with five.

    I mixed up the ads – trying different ads in that and new groups… I replaced the ads with new ads… and I took existing ads that worked elsewhere and put them in that group…and it’s still happening in that ad spot.

    That ad spot is the first ad spot on a displayed post on the front page. There are two additional ad spots that work correctly in displayed content of the first post. So it’s not an issue with the theme or the layout.


    Arnan de Gans

    Hi Matthew, hmm, as far as I can tell on my test site the rotation works. Also earlier this week on another users site it seemed to work fine (But I didn’t pay too much attention to their rotation).

    To troubleshoot further, in most browsers you can open a ‘web inspector’ kind of thing. Almost always there is a log or events log or console.
    In there, as the page loads, you can see any errors that occur. Most notably Javascript.
    For example, the rotation trying to load but missing a library. Or a function trying to run but having some kind of error or conflict.

    So opening the web inspector and then re-loading the page and watching the full rotation something should pop up in there if there is an issue.

    Scripts from other plugins may disrupt everything else. So anything is suspect at this point ๐Ÿคจ



    Okay. I did as you suggested and there seemed to be a problem with one of my other plugins and javascript… I disabled the plugin (Hummingbird) and refreshed the page (error 1) – immediately I was greeted with PHP errors in Ajax…

    When it finally got to the end of the fourth rotation, the spot disappeared (error 2) with the yellow. And no additional errors but the ajax/php one.


    Arnan de Gans

    Looks like something is going wrong with the DONOTCACHE constant.
    Did you enable or add that anywhere outside of AdRotate?

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