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    I am using WP Rocket instead of W3 Total Caching. If I activate W3 Total Caching on Misc it seems to work better with Group Rotating, but I am getting constant error Messages:
    You have enable caching support but W3 Total Cache is not active on your site!
    You have enable caching support but the W3TC_DYNAMIC_SECURITY definition is not set.

    I am probably not the only one not using W3TC but definitly have a Need for Caching, as page Speed is important.

    So would it be possible to make this Setting compatible with other Caching plugins?
    At leadt as part of the pro Edition. I would be happy to buy it as soon as such a Feature is available.


    Arnan de Gans

    But the option is for W3 Total Cache. Not for WP Rocket, so that won’t really work of-course.

    WP Rocket, among other caching plugins provide no useful compatibility layer for plugins that require certain things to be dynamic. Once they finally start supporting Fragmented Caching (or something similar that works) I’ll be among the first to support it.

    For now W3 Total Cache is the only plugin that supports such a thing as far as I’m aware.



    What exactly do you Need to Support Rocket?


    Arnan de Gans

    Some form of fragmented caching, similar to what W3 Total Cache has.
    WP Rocket won’t support a feature like that – I already asked last year or so.

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