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    I have an advertiser who wants to have a share of voice of 25%. Is there a way to do this? The only thing I see is setting it to Few, Less than Average or normal. Is there a way to set it to 25?



    You can lower the weight of that advert to 2 or 4 for less impressions. But a clear division in a % or fixed number is of-course impossible unless you can look in the future and know how many people are going to visit your website.

    Take a look at the weight option:



    Hi: I have the same problem. I bought and installed the plugin a few weeks ago. I only have one advert in one group, and it seems to only display about 25% of the time (I have no ad blockers).

    Under the “Advanced” section of the Adverts page at admin.php?page=adrotate-ads&view=edit&ad=1 I have the following settings:
    Weight: Many impressions
    Device: I have all checked
    Operating System: I have all checked

    I want to display this ad all the time on this group. Like I said, I have only 1 advert on this entire site and only 1 group.

    Is there anything I need to do to get the banner displayed?

    Also, I sort of disagree with the rationale above. I have been using online ad software for about 20 years — used the very expensive Ad Metrix 20 years ago and then we migrated to free OpenX about 18 years ago and I still use OpenX from time to time. It is possible to measure 25% — it will not be entirely accurate, but the logic will display the advert 1 time after other ads are displayed 3 times… so it just rotates through and you can get about 24.99-25.1 accuracy. 😉



    One more thing: I am using the AdRotate Group widget on the sidebar. And it does not have a selection for adding weight… so I am only using the weight of the individual advert.



    @paperweight If you have 1 advert in the group it shows 100% of the time. There are no other adverts to share/divide the impressions with. More adverts makes the weight feature more effective.

    If the group has, say, 2 adverts with a weight of 2 they both have equal chance to get picked which practically means they could get up-to 50% of the impressions (note: up-to).



    @arnan yes I understand that is how it should work, but I still often see a blank space where the ad should be displaying. Let me do some more checking and see if there is maybe a conflict with something somewhere.



    If you see blank spaces, that’s a problem somewhere else. The weight function does not cause gaps in displays. So that’s completely unrelated to the weight function.

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