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    I can’t update the plugin or get accurate stats.

    I need to update because stats will not not download correctly. No matter what dates I ask for I only get stats for one day in January. I have AdRotate Pro Ver. 5.6.4 and there is no update listed for it in my list of plugins. So I followed the instructions for manual download and update. After doing that, there is no change. The version is still listed at 5.6.4. and stats will still not download correctly. I cleared my cache. I don’t see any other second step to click on to finish the update.

    One of my ad customers needs stats for Q4 for 2019.


    Arnan de Gans

    Moved to separate topic, has nothing to do with original post.


    Arnan de Gans

    There is an update to version 5.7 but for a bunch of users it shows up wrong or not at all if they have version 5.6.x. Really annoying 🙁

    You can update manually following these steps.
    Upgrade instruction: https://ajdg.solutions/support/adrotate-manuals/upgrade-adrotate-pro-to-a-newer-version/

    Or, if you prefer, have me do the update, I can do so for a small fee – https://ajdg.solutions/product/adrotate-update/.
    Usually this can be done within a day or two. Please check the product page for details.



    Hello Arnan, maybe he has the same problem like me…
    you wrote me the Upgrade instructions two times but the problem ist …
    eher is no possibillity do download the new version in my account.
    You didn’t answer to the problem 🙁
    maybe you can send a download link via eMail?


    Arnan de Gans

    @cronopium if there is no download link in your account, your license has likely expired.
    Licenses are valid for 1 year after purchase.
    To make sure I can look up the license, please send the order number and license via email so I can check for you – https://ajdg.solutions/contact/



    I did contact you over contactformular.


    Arnan de Gans

    I see no email from someone asking about licenses.
    But as I implied i the previous reply, if there is no link your license is likely expired.

    If it’s more than a year old… Expired for sure.

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