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    Hi, I have 2 advertisers that share a banner position (each should get 50% of the views).
    You’d see the one, then if you reload the other.

    Now one of them would like to test something like 6 different variances / images for their ad.

    The other has still the one banner.

    How could I set this up?



    AdRotate is not a test tool, nor does it offer a fixed division for output.
    If you have 2 adverts you may see them alternating. But you can see the same one 5x in a row just as well.

    Adding 5 more adverts to that group will increase the variety, but also there, you may see the same advert or the same few a bunch of times in a row.

    The output is always semi-random.

    If one advertiser has more than one advert and as such as a whole needs to get less impressions so the other advert gets shown as well you can raise the weight of the single advert to 10. That should offset the impressions a fair bit.

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