Stuck in 1970

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    Realized today that after I did the 4.10 update no longer able to add new ads because the expire date is stuck at 01/01/1970. The 70s were not that great. I don’t want to be stuck there again.

    Did do my research. I’ve tried everything offered including reinstalling fresh files, clicked the button in the maintenance section, etc.

    There is no button that says “finish the update” or anything like that on the site. I can’t say for certain that there was one there when I did the update because it’s been a few weeks.

    What would be the next step in repairing this problem? Is the only other option left to delete everything and start over? And if I may ask, what’s causing it?

    Thank you for your time!


    Arnan de Gans

    I don’t know about the 70’s 😉
    Did you click the “Finish update” button after updating?

    If there is none, check in Settings, Maintenance if the version of the database is up to date. There should be some version numbers near the bottom. If there is a error or mismatch, click the “run the update” button from there.

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