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    Hi There
    I have a large site dating from 2003. Since 2011 the content has been added in WordPress but there are are lot of static php pages which I want to keep because they have a lot of search engine juice. I am looking for an advertising manager that can manage both sections of the website. I wondered if there is any way to load adverts from an AdRotate group into those static pages so and have all the details register on the AdRotate dashboard for clients to monitor their impressions and click-throughs?



    On those PHP pages you can load in WordPress functions via wp-load.php.
    This gives you access to the PHP functions of AdRotate (Pro) as well.

    Something like this:

    You can then use adrotate_group() for example.



    Thanks Arnan. I’m still in talks with an ad agency to see if they can sell advertising into my niche market because adsense isn’t working. Once that gets off the ground I’ll be in touch to purchase the plugin. Ajay.

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