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    I am using adrote pro.
    This is feature request: text link ads in menu

    When I add text link ad in wordpress menu, it is shown but the menu layout is broken.
    I think it is because the text link ad has its own layout as below.

    <div class="g g-xx"><div class="g-single a-xx"><a href="//abc.com"" target=""_blank"" rel=""noopener noopener noreferrer">Your ABC</a></div></div> (in case of ad group)

    It should show just below, to look alright in menu.
    <a href="//abc.com"" target=""_blank"" rel=""noopener noopener noreferrer">Your ABC</a>
    Removing the surrounding divs will do.

    I looked into the files and found that I should modify adrotate-output.php.
    I am using adrotate pro for normal banners and wanna keep their layout. I just want to add text link ads in menu. So I guess I need to make functions based on current one and add new short code.
    It’s beyond my skill.

    Text link ads in menu would be very good addition to adrotate pro.
    I will buy another copy if it is implemented in pro.

    #) I am using ‘Shortcode in menus’ plugin for better look in menu because ‘user defined link’ breaks menu layout much more).


    Arnan de Gans

    Sounds like the ‘problem’ is on both sides then.
    1. Your menu doing weird things with formatting links;
    2. AdRotate adding it’s <div>‘s around ads.

    On and off I’ve already been thinking about a way to support text links better. I’ll have another look for the next version. But so far I haven’t really come up with an idiot-proof way to do it.

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