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    Thanks for the great plugin…. I have a question regarding ad tracking and the impact on the database. Please excuse me as I’m not technically minded and this is something I’ve been worried about…

    I am trialing one ad on my site and the ad is receiving around 25,000 impressions per day. It’s performing very well which is great, however, overtime I am worried the impressions and click tracking will add a lot of bloat to the database.

    Do you have any docs or suggestions on how to solve this?

    Kind regards



    Arnan de Gans

    You can clear up stats from time to time. Resetting stats for select adverts will delete that data.

    Alternatively, AdRotate Pro has a archive feature that moves stats to a secondary table for expired adverts – That way you can keep things visible, but it’s not in the active pool of stats.

    AdRotate (Pro) also have a bunch of maintenance routines that run regularly to keep things lean and performing well.

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