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    Hello, I’ve got a bunch of banners I am rotating on my blog as an affiliate marketer.
    My goal is to build a remarketing list for each affiliate services. I’m am not Javascript capable so this is a bit difficult for me.

    I’ve tried activating the Google Analytics stats feature for Adrotate Pro but all I get is a total of impressions and clicks. So I prefer the built in default stats I get from Adrotate pro which gives me which ads are getting clicked.

    So can I add an event trigger to the ads in adrotate pro? Is that how I would properly track and build a remarketing list in GA? Is there an example somewhere I could use and customize to my website?

    Thank you



    Arnan de Gans

    Both Google Analytics and the internal tracker show impressions and clicks for all adverts.
    If you click the ‘Adverts’ category it lists all adverts.

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