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    Plugin version: 4.10.1 (PRO)
    WordPress version: 4.9.1
    Site url:

    I have two different advert groups for my top banner, one showing on desktop and one showing on mobile phones, and the tracking of impressions must be wrong. The numbers are very low even though the ads rotate frequently and the page has got many visitors.

    The Weird thing is that this only happens on these two advert groups. I have a total of 5 advert groups and on the 3 other advert groups the statistics seem to be normal. All groups have 4 ads each. Tracking of clicks works on on all 5 groups.

    I have tried to roll my whole site back to the oldest backup available withouth any luck. The site is hosted on WP Engine and uses their cache. It is a single site.


    Arnan de Gans

    The tracking code and method is the same for every advert tracked with AdRotate. So logically, if something is wrong with just one or a few adverts something is ‘wrong’ with those adverts.

    If the tracking would be off, all adverts would be underperforming 🙂

    Adverts can be placed in a bad spot, so people truly don’t click them. You could have too many adverts and people don’t see them. Adblockers are always a factor, too.

    Wp engine has very invasive caching which probably attributes to any tracking issues, but also there, logically that would affect the whole site. Not just a few adverts.



    Hi Arnan

    As far as I can see there is nothing wrong with the ads. They have enabled tracking of impressions and clicks, and this has worked fine before. I will test one thing and I will come back to you.



    Hi again.

    We have done some testing.

    We decreased the impression timer to 60 seconds and it helped a little bit. But it is still far from our goal to have the views increment continuously. Basically a visitor visits the site we want the views to increment directly and not after several hours and there count is still wrong.

    We tried to disable the current ads and make our own so that there wouldn’t be anything wrong with the ads, but this problem still persist.

    So basically we think that there is something wrong with the plugin. We have done quite many tests besides this.


    Arnan de Gans

    As I mentioned before, WP Engine has caching that interferes with things like this.
    You can count your stats in Google Analytics or Piwik as well, that’ll work around the issue for the most part.

    Read how you can track your stats in Google Analytics or Piwik:

    Another option is to get better hosting from a company that lets you install a compatible caching solution such as W3 Total Cache or Borlabs Cache. Both are supported by AdRotate (Pro).



    The WP Engine cache is not the problem here. We did the same testing and got the same results on out WP Engine staging area where there is no cahce.

    If we disable timers for clicks and impressions the impressions are tracked correctly. Setting the imperssions timer to 10 seconds, which is the lowest helps a lot, but the treacking is not 100%.


    Arnan de Gans

    So then the lowering of timers solves the problem 🙂
    Usually WPE’s caching or performance is the issue…

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