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    Fabrizio Leo

    Good evening,
    we have a font problem with the old free version of the plugin (version 5.0.1): when we tried to update to a later version the fonts on our site changed.

    We thought we could solve it by purchasing the paid version but the same thing happens.

    WorPress is updated: version 5.3.2 and we use the Schema theme in version 3.9.4.


    Fabrizio Leo

    This is the image before the update: Before update

    After the update: After update


    Arnan de Gans

    That can happen when your theme sets no rules for it’s fonts. Some poorly made themes don’t do that.
    Anything AdRotate does for fonts is applied to the advert parts only.

    I don’t see why updating from 5.0.1 to 5.7 would cause this as this method has been in place from version 4 – Several years ago 😉 So that update shouldn’t make a difference.
    But aside from that, in my experience, every time this happened the issue was with the theme not setting a character width or line height properly or something like that.


    Fabrizio Leo

    Umh, the Schema theme is very simple, so can you let us know something about it? If not, you should proceed with the refund.
    It is not possible that the update of the plugin will change the text of a whole website. So the problem is most likely to be attributed to the plugin update. The theme clearly allows us to get our hands on fonts etc., but the plugin shouldn’t go to touch these settings.


    Fabrizio Leo

    Nothing new? Anyone who answers me a little more exhaustively?

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