Trouble with setting ad to show on mobile or computer

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    I’m posting here as I sent a help request in the other day, but have not had a reply. Not sure if the message went through, or if turn around times for responses are long at this time.

    Here is what I’m trying to accomplish:
    I have a podcast series and my sponsor has an ad in the sidebar of the show notes page. When viewed in a browser on a computer that is fine. People see it. But when viewing on a tablet or phone, then the sidebars only show up if you scroll past the main content of the page.

    On these mobile devices I want my viewers to scroll by the sponsor’s ad as they move down the page to the list of links and resources, which it at the bottom of page.

    So basically I want the same ad to appear, but in different places on different devices.

    My reading of the manual has me thinking I need to create a group to do this. Using the widget for the sidebar on the computer, and using a short code within the text of the shownotes page for the mobile devices.

    What I’ve done:
    Set up a group with two ads. They are identical except for which device they display on.

    One is set to show up in the sidebar widget when displayed on a computer.
    The second is set to show up on the show notes page down toward the bottom quarter of the page.

    I’ve put these two ads into the group. Then added a group widget to the show notes page, and chosen this group.
    Then on the show notes page, I’ve added the short code for the group.

    However, on all devices both ads are showing up in both places.

    Clearly I’m missing something here.

    Can someone show me where I’m going wrong with this?
    Thanks, Max



    Try setting up a extra group, using Post Injection to show an advert above the content. For Mobile only.

    And vice versa, set the current advert to show on Desktop only.
    More on the Mobile Feature here –

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