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    Tried as I did to look for an answer in the support forums, I could not find this “most simplistic” answer to why my ds in a group will not rotate. I use this great plugin under different hosting — and it works fine.

    This reiteration, has issues. It will only rotate when i refresh the browser.

    I have not clicked Disable Dynamic Mode (although its click on the other site and works fine)
    I have clicked Load JQuery.
    I did not click Load scripts in footer as I don’t have anything in my footer)

    My custom theme consists on ONE (1) single.php file for posts. I turned off all my plugins to see if there was a conflict — and with AdRotate being only on — it still wont rotate.

    Help 🙂


    Arnan de Gans

    If adverts only rotate on page refresh (which is the default behavior) you probably have to change the group mode to Dynamic.

    Edit your group and look for the Groups Mode option near the top of the settings.

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