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    How do I turn off the update notification and the error notifications:


    No need for AdRotate to be taking up real estate on a dashboard.


    Arnan de Gans

    Looking at the screen shot, both can be easily removed.
    – Fixing the 12 adverts with errors will get rid of the top notification.
    – updating or postponing the available update will get rid of the 2nd notification.



    If you haven’t included a standard feature to turn those dashboard notifications off globally, where do I find the settings to prevent them from being shown to non-admin users?


    Arnan de Gans

    All notifications about adverts and such only show to users who have the ‘add_ad_manage’ role.
    The non-essential ones only show periodically, such as the silly one for my birthday or the one asking for a review etc., only shows on the AdRotate dashboard – As to not hinder the overall dashboard experience.

    The update notification shows more broadly on the dashboard but only to users who have the ‘update_plugins’ role.

    So if other people see them, you probably have your user roles set up wrong.

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