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    Hello I am using a WordPress site created by SNO sites and using AdRotate Free version 4.13. When I go to the “adverts” section and click “add new” I am unable to create a new ad. Right next to where it says preview it says “Error, no Ad ID set! Check your syntax!” How do I fix this issue?



    Sounds like a database issue.
    Try to do some maintenance from the Settings > Maintenance tab.

    There are a few buttons there to clean up and repair things.



    I clicked the buttons to optimize and clean up the database but I am still seeing the same error when trying to create a new advert.



    Then something is wrong with the database that can’t be fixed by AdRotate using basic maintenance.

    If you a new/small setup you can choose to delete the plugin and start over, the new database will work fine. You’ll loose all AdRotate data though.

    Or you can try and figure out what’s wrong with the database and fix it. I can do this as well for a fee. If you want me to take a look and fix things you can email me using the contact form where we can discuss this in much more detail.

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