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    Can groups be used to segment ads? To explain… I have a new ad partner and they have provided me with 10 ads to rotate equally around our website. I have a smaller amount of ads which promote my own offerings. I want to run them all at once but I don’t want the 10 ads from my ad partner to overpower my own ads.

    Can I use ad groups to create a group for them and a group for me which show ads equally? So basically if there are four possible displays of an ad in a slot on my homepage, my ads will get two slots and their ads will get two slots, even though they have a lot more ads to show.

    I hope that makes sense! Just as an FYI, we already use ad groups to determine where an ad is show on our site e.g. homepage, blog footer etc

    Thanks in advance



    Arnan de Gans

    You can’t really divide impressions like that as you don’t know the total amount – people just keep coming, right.
    But with AdRotate Pro you can use the weight feature which has AdRotate favor adverts over others.
    You could then lower your own ads weight, or raise their ads weight to have those show more often.

    You can read a bit more about the feature here:



    Thanks! I’ve now put that into practice and seems to have solved the issue – appreciate your quick reply 🙂

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