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    I have a video ad that is mp4, and is in the media library (would not upload to banners).

    I can get it to play, once. It’s rotating with a set of still ads in a 300×250 medium rectangle in a sidebar.

    I used this code as an iframe:


    It runs in the preview pane. The group rotates every 10 seconds, and my ad is 9 seconds long with a .5 second fade out for padding.

    It runs once. The next time it rotates, the ad does not run again.

    I tried switching to whole thing to an HTML5 Video:

    <video width=“300” height=“250” 
    src=“/wp-content/media/TEST_AD.mp4" autobuffer> 
    You must have an HTML5 capable browser. 

    I can’t get that to even display. It comes up as a configuration error.

    I tried HTML 5 pointing at the file:

    <video width="300” height="250" controls autoplay>
        <source src="/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/TEST-AD.mp4" type="video/mp4">

    I tried HTML Reset:


    I tried loop:


    What am I missing about what happens when Ad Rotate loads the video? I’ve put a lot of effort in, and would love a bone. This is my third Ad Rotate project.




    I guess wrapping my code in “backticks’ didn’t work. Perhaps I will make images, upload them to dropbox, then put a link to them.



    Here is the link with an RTF file of my question.



    Any replay options are build in into your embed code. For example for Flash you could do something like this autoplay="true" replay="true".

    Such a thing for HTMl5 adverts and video embeds exists too, but depends on the method and code you use. If you got the adverts from someone else, check with them what the options are.

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