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    I use the PRO version. I have a group of adverts with different weigths. I expected them to be displayed in dynamic mode with different frequencies, depending onthe weight I attributed to each in the same group. Alas, it does not work: they are all displaed equally (6 sec each)


    Arnan de Gans

    Hi Richard,
    That’s not entirely how the weight option works. In a dynamic group all ads follow the same number of seconds. But if you have a bunch of adverts, the lower weight adverts are picked last and less often for that rotation.

    Adding more ads makes this a more distinct effect – Because Dynamic groups pick a few adverts at a time starting with the higher weight ads. But to fill the cycle also include lower weight ads.
    So the weight optionn will be less effective in that scenario.


    I might not have been clear enough. Let me try this way…
    I have 10 sponsors and they are paying sponsorship with a certain amount of money that will allow them to have more or less visibility on ur Web site (Gold, Silver, Bronze). I thought that having put them as adverts with different weight but in the same group would make the rotation to post adverts with highest weights more often than other adverts in the same group. If not, how could I do this please?


    Hi Arnan,

    Have you seen my latest message (Feb 27, 5:19PM)?


    Hi Arnan,

    I have the PRO version and I thought support would be a little faster than the free version… I am waiting for more than a week now. Sorry to mention.

    Actually, I bought the PRO version for the exact goal described in my original problem report: to advert more frequently sponsors in the Gold category vs in the Silver vs the Bronze category by using the weigth functionality only available in PRO.

    I can’t make it work properly so far…

    Any help pls?


    Arnan de Gans

    Sorry for the late reply – Notifications seems screwed up again… 🙄
    If you want faster support, use the contact form in your dashboard.

    As for your question; Higher weight indeed lets adverts show up more often.
    You can read more about the weight feature here: https://ajdg.solutions/support/adrotate-manuals/the-weight-system/

    As I explained already, the weight does NOT apply to the dynamic rotation of adverts – Every advert gets the same amount of seconds. Just a higher change to be in that rotation.


    Arnan de Gans

    Moved to Adverts & Banners forum, not a bug.

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