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    Patricia Miller

    EDITED: sorry, I was in a hurry because our site gets a lot of traffic and I needed to do this update during a slow period (Sunday morning) and I just read the first part of the steps (thinking “this sounds simple”) and did not read below where it said that widgets could be a problem. They were in my case. SO my updated suggestion would be to mention that sooner in the update instructions, it would help the dummies like me to not overlook it.

    Although the update guide says that all settings and data will be preserved when updating from the free version to the Pro, I sadly discovered that all of my widgets I had placed were lost, likely when I deactivated the free version prior to activating the Pro version as per the instructions.

    I would not have minded had the instructions said to “write down whatever widget data you’re using”, I had a lot of them and don’t remember all the ad IDs for each one, so now I have to start over and try to recreate what I had done over months of using the free version. 🙁

    My suggestion would be to update your upgrade instructions to very specifically cover how to deal with Ad widgets, or change the steps so that the Pro version gets activated *first* and preserves Ad widget data, *before* deactivating the free version.


    Arnan de Gans

    Hi Patricia,

    Thanks for your concern.
    Indeed if you are switching plugins (any plugin) the widgets from the original plugin will be disabled/removed. That’s how WordPress works.
    AdRotate and AdRotate Pro uses the same name/identifier for both plugins so Pro may re-use the old widgets. Often this does not work as suggested on the manual page.

    This is, however, not a bug but a design choice from WordPress.

    Putting the warning higher on will distract from the actual upgrade instruction and is not practical for most users.


    Arnan de Gans

    Moved to ‘Installation and setup’.




    I also have a problem since the AdRotate Pro 5.8.8 update …. I have 4 groups created, of which only 2 work.

    I have tried creating 1 new group, deleting the old ones. I have created new Test Ads. And they don’t work either.

    I only have AdRotate Pro installed

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