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    Hi, I have attached link to 2 screen record of the issue.
    Screen recording 1
    Screen recording 2

    I am using flutter and there is no plugin for ad rotate pro. So what I made is to display it on webview, but the problem is it is shaking on high frame rate iphone 13 which has 120hz refresh rate.

    Everything is fine on android even on 90hz refresh rate and lower iphone refresh rate.

    Thank you so much.


    Arnan de Gans

    What kind of adverts are those? Javascript ads with animations? Or something similar?
    At any rate, screen tearing like that is almost always a resource thing on the device. For example the graphics chip not updating the (in comparison) many colored pixels quick enough to cover the white areas.
    You’ll probably often see a similar thing with any high-res image that has to load/become visible.

    Not much I can do about that I’m afraid.

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