Manage Adverts

Difficulty: Intermediate | Updated: November 24, 2015

Adverts from time to time need your attention. AdRotate has several warning mechanisms to help you keep up with what needs doing. Additionally a number of checks are done regularly to help tell you what is wrong with adverts.


Colored end dates for adverts

  • Red – Ad is expired. Immediate action required!
  • Orange – Ad is about to expire. You have less than 2 days to sort this out!
  • Yellow – This ad expires in less than 7 days!
  • Green – All seems well!

Dashboard notifications

When issues arise a dashboard notification (if enabled) will show. Also from time to time emails are sent out to the administrator (or other assigned persons) to try and get some attention for the issue at hand. You can configure which notifications you may see in AdRotate settings.


Email notifications

Pro Feature
When something happens with your adverts, for example when they expire or when there are configuration errors in your adverts. AdRotate will email you periodically to tell you about it. Read more about this feature on the Notifications page

Push notifications

Pro Feature
Using you can also receive push notifications directly on your iOS or Android phone. To see how you can configure this check out the Notifications page.

Bulk actions

Removing, renewing, reset stats, activate, deactivate. You do it with bulk actions. Select any number of adverts, click the action you want to perform and click go.
Each table of adverts has a tailored menu with relevant options.


Persistent error status

In some cases the notification system keeps on telling you about a problem that you may have already solved. This is because the advert status is cached and checked on a schedule. The message may show for a few minutes until the cache is refreshed again.
To immediately clear the notifications you can re-check each advert yourself by clicking the re-evaluate all ads button in AdRotate Settings.