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logo-512x512AdRotate® is the popular choice to publish banners on WordPress. Providing a comprehensive and easy to learn experience for novices and professionals alike. Create and manage unlimited ads with Adrotate Pro – A great advertising plugin for WordPress. Gather stats and run successful advertising campaigns from your dashboard. If you are a WordPress user you should use AdRotate to get the most out of your advertisements and have the best and greatest flexibility in advert placement and management.

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AdRotate Features

Ease of use


AdRotate integrates closely with WordPress and gives you the freedom to place adverts pretty much anywhere on your site with ease. AdRotate provides an easy to use dashboard, settings and lot’s of features to make the most of advertisement.

Geo Targeting


Target the right audience. And do so in style. AdRotate Pro supports several geo services; Including the renowned GeoIP2 service from MaxMind and AJdG Solutions very own AdRotate Geo free with any AdRotate Pro license. Easy to set up, even easier to use.

Schedule your income


With AdRotate Pro you get complete control over when your adverts show up. Maintain multiple schedules and advanced time tables for when adverts will show up. Each advert can have multiple schedules so you can plan your campaigns months in advance.

Advertiser Campaigns


With AdRotate Pro you can let your advertisers create their own adverts. This saves you time. Have your advertisers manage their own adverts and all you have to do is review them. This gives you more time to create content.

Mobile Adverts


Show select adverts on mobile only and prevent desktop adverts from showing on mobile phones. All popular mobile systems can be detected and then some. Including; iOS, Android and Windows Phone.



Easy to use reports. And what’s more; export them. AdRotate Pro allows you to get a good grasp on which ads are successful and which should be cancelled. Your advertisers can have access to these numbers too if you want.

Premium Support


Not one for queuing up in the forum? Need help during the weekends? Personal email support will give you a faster, more personal and private way to get your questions answered without others interfering.



You’re always up-to-date with email and/or push notifications. Get notified when adverts expire, have errors or when advertisers create new adverts. Never miss an expiration date again.

And lots more…


Take a look at the table of features below to see how AdRotate will help you manage and place your adverts. And new features are added, updated or improved regularly. Feedback and ideas are always welcome!

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User Testimonials

Thanks very much for your plugin, your ideas and your help.

AdRotate is a great Plugin. I have been using it for over a year. The support staff has been very cooperative and extremely helpful in helping me set up and continue to run adverts on my website.


All screenshots depict AdRotate Pro. AdRotate Free has the same look and feel but some features are not available in the free version.

Managing Adverts

banner-overview banner-creating banner-schedules banner-advanced banner-geo banner-advertiser banner-stats banner-graph

Managing / Editing groups

groups-overview group-edit group-advanced group-post-injection group-wrapper group-banners

Schedule and Banner Image management

schedule-management schedule-edit media-upload media-management


advertiser-overview advertiser-stats advertiser-edit advertiser-groups