Analytics Spam Blocker

Analytics Spam Blocker is a easy and convenient way to get rid of Referral Spam in your analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Piwik Analytics and similar services. No need to create complex filters or to maintain a list of domains yourself. Let Analytics Spam Blocker deal with that for you.

Analytics Spam Blocker by default blocks about 70 common referral spam domains. For continuous updates you can subscribe to a fully automated update system to receive an updated blocklist daily with new domains as they become available.

New domains can be submitted by every user of the plugin, right from their dashboard. All you need is Analytics Spam Blocker and an active subscription to the blocklist updates. Which is free.

Keep your website analytics clean with Analytics Spam Blocker

Key Features

  • Block known referral domains via .htaccess rules
  • Automatically update the blocklist daily
  • Report new domains from your dashboard
  • Fully automated API to manage domains

Reporting domains

If you spot a domain in your website statistics you can report it via your dashboard. The Analytics Spam Blocker dashboard is available in the Tools menu in your WordPress Dashboard. If a domain gets reported a few times it will be included in the blocklist.

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Coming up

Features listed here are complete and will most likely be in the next version.

Next version – Probably v2.7.2

  • [fix] No/not enough newlines when updating .htaccess

Version History

All recent changes to the plugin and the API.

April 12 2019 – v2.7.1

  • [fix] Communication error with the server for some people

March 20 2019 – v2.7

  • [change] Updated dashboard
  • [change] Various tweaks and improvements

December 12 2018 – v2.6

  • [change] WordPress 5.0 update
  • [change] Insights in API stats
  • [change] Updated dashboard
  • [change] Uses APIv2

July 9 2018 – v2.5

  • [change] Compatibility update
  • [change] Updated dashboard
  • [change] More clear error displays if things go wrong

May 18 2018 – v2.4.2

  • [change] Compatibility update
  • [change] Updated dashboard

December 13 2017 – v2.4.1

  • [new] Added help tabs
  • [fix] Some dashboard notifications not showing up correctly
  • [fix] Removed double html and css classes for errors
  • [change] Improved compatibility with WordPress
  • [change] Api updates
  • [change] Re-arranged the dashboard

June 10 2017 – v2.4

  • [fix] Better field sanitizing to better deal with copy&paste behavior
  • [fix] Better domain filtering
  • [fix] Better email handling
  • [fix] No more endless linebreaks in the .htaccess file
  • [change] Dashboard tweaks

May 14 2017 – v2.3

  • Dashboard tweaks

April 20 2017 – v2.2

  • Dashboard tweaks

April 4 2017 – v2.1.1

  • [fix] Registration reminder shows up correctly

March 7 2017 – v2.1

  • [new] Review reminder
  • [new] Registration reminder

February 5 2017 – v2.0

  • [new] Easily report referral spam domains
  • [new] Dashboard page in Tools menu
  • [new] Daily blocklist updates
  • [change] Restructured the whole plugin

September 2016 – v1.8.1

  • Development taken over by Arnan de Gans