AdRotate Feature Comparison

AdRotate comes in two flavours. A regular Free version and a more extensive and advanced version which you can to buy a license for. Here’s how they compare in terms of features.

Advertisements Pro Free
Live preview when creating adverts
Weight (visibility)
Mobile adverts (Detect smartphones and/or tablets)
Types of adverts Pro Free
Self hosted Banners/Text Links
Self hosted HTML5/Flash adverts
Javascript based (Adsense/DFP/DoubleClick etc.)
Most affiliate banners
Groups Pro Free
Dynamic mode (Rotate every few seconds)
Block mode (Multiple adverts in a grid)
Fallback group
Post/Page injection
Post/Page injection for widgets
Scheduling Pro Free
Date range
Time range
Select which weekdays the advert shows
Maximum clicks
Maximum impressions
Spread impressions
Geo Targeting Pro Free
ipv4 & ipv6
Target countries
Target states (Most developed countries)
Target cities
Statistics Pro Free
Internal Statistics
Track with Piwik/Matomo Analytics
Track with Google Analytics
Exclude clicks from logged-in users
Exclude impressions from logged-in users
Bot filter
Monthly graphs
Export statistics
Advertisers Pro Free
Couple adverts to advertisers
Back-end dashboard (regular dashboard)
Advertisers can see overview of adverts
Advertisers can submit new adverts
Advertisers can select groups/zones
Advertisers can set up Geo Targeting
Advertisers can set up Mobile adverts
Advertisers can see advert previews
Advertisers can Export statistics
Moderation queue for admins
Messaging system for admins
Multisite Pro Free
Works in a Multisite
Network activation support DEVELOPER LICENSE
Cross site adverts (Network Activated) DEVELOPER LICENSE
Status Notifications Pro Free
Dashboard notifications
Email notifications
Portability Pro Free
Export adverts to CSV files
Import adverts from CSV files
Maintenance & Miscellaneous Pro Free
Basic support for caching
Adblock disguise
Shortcodes in text widgets
Permission system
Automated updates
Rename/move ‘banners’ folder
Automated error checking
Manual database maintenance