AdRotate Switch

icon-256x256AdRotate® Switch is the easiest tool to migrate your adverts to AdRotate Pro or AdRotate from another plugin. Migrate your data in seconds with AdRotate Switch! This means less setup time so you can start publishing adverts faster.
After you’ve used AdRotate Switch you can delete your previous advertising manager and AdRotate Switch and start making it easy on yourself with AdRotate or AdRotate Pro.

With AdRotate Switch you can set up AdRotate and AdRotate Pro even faster!

Compatible plugins

  • Max Banner Ads PRO
  • Advertising Manager
  • Ad Injection
  • WP Pro Ad System
  • Ad King Pro
  • Ad Minister
  • BannerMan
  • Simple Ads Manager
  • wp125
  • Bannerize
  • WP Advertise It
  • Useful Banner Manager
  • Advanced Advertising System

If your plugin is not listed let me know, perhaps I can add it.

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Why AdRotate Pro

With the features AdRotate Pro offers your advertising power is stronger and more complete. Give yourself and your advertisers the tools and advantage you need to run successful advertising campaigns without making it your day job.

Available on the AdRotate page starting at only €29 Euros.

Coming up

Next version – (v1.6)

  • Nothing yet

Version History

December 12, 2016 – v1.5.4

  • Updated several import scripts
  • Added support for ‘Advertising Manager’
  • Updated i18n

November 22, 2016 – v1.5.3

  • Updated for AdRotate Pro 4.1 and newer
  • Updated for AdRotate 3.16 and newer

August 29, 2016 – v1.5.2

  • Updated for AdRotate Pro 4.0 and newer
  • Updated for AdRotate 3.15.5 and newer
  • Updated to work with ‘Advanced Ads System v1.3’
  • Tested to work with ‘Wp Advertize it v1.1.2’
  • Tested to work with ‘Simple Ads Manager v2.9.8.125’
  • Tested to work with ‘wp125 v1.5.4’
  • Fixed ‘wp125’ import now looks in the right database table
  • Updated i18n

August 10, 2016 – v1.5.1

  • Various tweaks

March 26, 2016 – v1.5

  • Support for ‘WP Bannerize’
  • Added clearer notes for imports
  • Tested to work with current AdRotate versions

January 19, 2016 – v1.4

  • Support for ‘WP-Ad-Manager’ / ‘Ad minister’
  • Added compatibility info for AdRotate versions
  • Fixed link to AdRotate Dashboard
  • Requires AdRotate Pro 3.18.1 or newer
  • Requires AdRotate Free 3.14.1 or newer

November 19, 2015 – v1.3.1

  • i18n support

September 22, 2015 – v1.3

  • Support for ‘WP Pro Ad System’
  • Support for ‘Ad Injection’
  • Requires AdRotate Pro 3.17 or newer
  • Requires AdRotate Free 3.13.1 or newer
  • Fixed group linking not working for some importing scripts
  • Added option to create schedules for every plugin

mid 2015 – v1.0 to v1.2.2

  • Support for ‘Simple Ads Manager’
  • Added support for ‘Useful Banner Manager’
  • Updated wp125 description/text
  • Updated links for new AdRotate website
  • Updated links for manuals and support
  • Requires AdRotate Pro 3.12.5 or newer
  • Requires AdRotate Free 3.11.3 or newer