Making useful plugins takes a lot of time and care. Keeping them up-to-date and compatible with WordPress, ClassicPress and modern servers takes even more time. But here they are. Some are even free of charge! Every plugin comes with limited support through the forums, some also get premium support. And If you scroll down a bit you’ll find a bunch of services to go along with it, too!

Great plugins for WordPress and ClassicPress…

AdRotate Professional ~ The best advertising plugin Starts at € 39.00
Paypal Surcharge ~ Set up a handling fee for PayPal transactions € 10.00
Stripe Surcharge ~ Set up a handling fee for Credit Card transactions € 10.00
Classic Commerce Skip Checkout ~ Skip checkout for free downloadable products € 10.00
Classic Commerce Simple Checkout ~ Simplify checkout for virtual products € 10.00
Single Page Checkout ~ Merge your cart and checkout page in seconds € 10.00
Payment Gateway Stats ~ Find out which payment gateway is the most popular € 10.00
Show Review ~ Show a random shop review on any post or page € 10.00

…free plugins for WordPress and ClassicPress…

AdRotate Banner Manager ~ The second best advertising manager, after AdRotate Pro FREE
Matomo Tracker ~ Easily add the Matomo tracker to your websites footer FREE
User Cleaner ~ Get rid of unused and useless accounts on your website FREE
AdRotate Switch ~ Easily switch from a compatible advertising plugin to AdRotate (Pro) FREE
Analytics Spam Blocker ~ Stop referral spam in your analytics FREE
No-Bot Registration ~ Stop spam accounts from registering FREE

…give your advertising setup a push…

AdRotate Installation ~ I’ll install the plugin and do the initial setup € 22.50
AdRotate Update ~ I’ll update the plugin to the latest available version Starts at € 22.50
AdRotate Setup ~ I’ll set up adverts and groups to your specification € 45.00 p/hour
HTML5 advert setup fee € 22.50

…for your own website…

WordPress/ClassicPress Installation ~ Get your own website and inspire the world € 22.50 p/30 min
WordPress/ClassicPress Update & Maintenance ~ Stay on top of your game with a well performing website € 22.50 p/30 min
WordPress to ClassicPress migration ~ If you’re tired of what Automattic is up to with WordPress it’s time to remove some stress from your life. € 22.50 p/30 min
WordPress/ClassicPress support € 22.50 p/30 min
Theme customization Contact me!

…and everything else!

Other jobs/projects Hourly rate € 45.00
  Fixed price Contact me!

Not what you’re looking for? Contact Arnan.

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