Making useful plugins takes a lot of time and care. Keeping them up-to-date and compatible with WordPress, WooCommerce and modern servers takes even more time. But here they are – Every plugin I currently provide. Some are even free of charge! Every plugin comes with limited support, some get premium support. And If you scroll down a bit you’ll find a bunch of services to go along with it, too!

Great plugins for WordPress…

AdRotate Professional ~ The best advertising manager for WordPress Starts at € 39.00
Classic Admin for WooCommerce ~ Remove the Analytics Dashboard and nag banners € 10.00
Paypal Surcharge for WooCommerce ~ Set up a handling fee for PayPal transactions € 10.00
Stripe Surcharge for WooCommerce ~ Set up a handling fee for Stripe Credit Card transactions € 10.00
Single Page Checkout for WooCommerce ~ Merge your cart and checkout page in seconds € 10.00
Payment Gateawy Stats for WooCommerce ~ Monitor which payment gateway is the most popular € 10.00
Show Review for WooCommerce ~ Show a random WooCommerce review on any post or page € 10.00
Delete Orders for WooCommerce ~ Delete pending, cancelled or failed orders after a few days € 10.00

…free plugins for WordPress…

AdRotate Banner Manager ~ The second best advertising manager for WordPress FREE
Matomo Tracker ~ Easily add the Matomo tracker to your website FREE
User Cleaner ~ Get rid of unused and useless accounts on your website FREE
AdRotate Switch ~ Easily switch from a compatible advertising plugin to AdRotate (Pro) FREE
Analytics Spam Blocker ~ Stop referral spam in your analytics in WordPress FREE
No-Bot Registration ~ Stop spam accounts from registering in WordPress FREE

…give your advertising setup a push…

AdRotate Installation ~ I’ll install the plugin and do the initial setup € 22.50
AdRotate Update ~ I’ll update the plugin to the latest available version Starts at € 22.50
AdRotate Setup ~ I’ll set up adverts and groups to your specification € 45.00 p/hour
HTML5 advert setup fee € 22.50

…for your own website…

WordPress Installation ~ I’ll install WordPress on your hosting package Starts at € 22.50
WordPress Update & Maintenance ~ Stay on top of your game with a well performing website Starts at € 22.50
WordPress support € 22.50 p/30 min
WordPress theme customisation Contact me!

…and everything else!

Other jobs/projects Hourly rate € 45.00
  Fixed price Contact me!

Not what you’re looking for? Contact Arnan.

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