To give you an idea of what price range I’m in for various tasks and jobs take a look at the table below. This is not everything I do. If something is not listed here contact me with your wishes!

AJdG Solutions Plugins

AdRotate for WordPress ~ Superior advertising management Starts at € 29.00
AdRotate Switch ~ Easily switch from a compatible advertising plugin to AdRotate (Pro) FREE
Analytics Spam Blocker ~ Stop referral spam in your analytics FREE
No-Bot Registration ~ Stop spam accounts from registering FREE

Plugin related services

AdRotate Installation ~ Install the plugin € 22.50
AdRotate Update ~ Update the plugin € 22.50
AdRotate Setup ~ Setting up adverts and groups € 45.00 p/hour
HTML5 advert setup fee € 22.50

Everything else

WordPress support € 22.50 p/30 min
Profile Website ~ An attractive profile website built in HTML5/CSS consisting of a couple of pages Starts at € 75
Theme customisation Contact me!
Other jobs/projects Hourly rate € 45.00
  Fixed price Contact me!

Accepted payment methods



1. When in doubt. Ask!
2. All prices are in Euros and are without tax (VAT/BTW).
3. All payments will be invoiced and can be paid via this website using Paypal, Credit card or bank transfer.
4. All sales are final.
5. Customised code remains on my servers until I’ve received (partial) payment.
6. All price offers that are not predefined will be set on a per case basis.

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