AdRotate Switch


The easiest migration tool for AdRotate Banner Manager and AdRotate Professional. Transfer all your adverts and compatible settings from one of the many supported advertising plugins to AdRotate in a few minutes.

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AdRotate® Switch is the easiest tool to migrate your adverts to AdRotate Professional or AdRotate Banner Manager from another plugin. Migrate your data in seconds with AdRotate Switch! This means less setup time so you can start publishing adverts faster.
After you’ve used AdRotate Switch you can delete your previous advertising manager as well as AdRotate Switch and start making it easy on yourself with AdRotate Professional or AdRotate Banner Manager.

With AdRotate Switch you can set up AdRotate and AdRotate Pro even faster!

Why choose AdRotate Professional

With the features AdRotate Professional offers, your advertising power is stronger and more complete. Give yourself and your advertisers the tools and advantage you need to successfully run advertising campaigns without making it your day job.

However, if you’re not sure if AdRotate Professional is for you, just start with the Free AdRotate Banner Manager first and see if you like the way the plugin works.

Compatible plugins

  • Max Banner Ads PRO
  • Advertising Manager
  • Ad Injection
  • WP Pro Ad System
  • Ad King Pro
  • Ad Minister
  • BannerMan
  • Simple Ads Manager
  • wp125
  • Bannerize
  • WP Advertise It
  • Useful Banner Manager
  • Advanced Advertising System

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