Matomo Tracker for WordPress


Matomo Tracker offers the easiest way to track visitors in Matomo. Only the options you need, in a simple to understand dashboard. No frills, no performance hits. Just stats. Without compromise!

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Matomo Tracker offers no frills, just tracking stats. All the stats you need. That’s the goal of Matomo Tracker. And it doesn’t get any more simple that.
While other plugins are bloated with all kinds of nonsense or add bulky dashboards. Matomo Tracker does not.

Add the Matomo tracking code to your websites footer in under a minute with only a few clicks. Optionally extend the tracker with some useful features that both help you understand your visitors better and help you optimise the effectiveness of your website.

Matomo Tracker is designed to be barebones but still provide a complete experience for the majority of people.
Collect all the stats you need via the built-in Matomo tracker.
Easily track dead links or inlinks that end up on 404 error pages so you can effectively take action and fix those issues. As a result, Google will like you more!

Do you use RSS and Atom feeds? Ever wondered how effective they are? Yeah, me too!
With Matomo Tracker you can track incoming clicks from your RSS and Atom feeds.

Matomo is a great tool if you don’t want to use Jetpack Stats, WP-Statistics and especially Google Analytics.
Or simply if you want a second opinion. On my own website I use both Jetpack Stats and Matomo – Ofcourse with Matomo Tracker as my tracking plugin.
Matomo effectively can replace Google Analytics. If you use their self-hosted solution all data you record is yours without big data watching over your shoulder.

Matomo Tracker works with both self-hosted (on premise) and with Matomo Cloud installations.
Check out Matomo here and register for an account on the Matomo website.

Take back your analytics with Matomo!


  • Easily add the Matomo tracker to your websites footer
  • Support browser DoNotTrack requests for added privacy
  • Monitor 404 error and dead links so you can fix them
  • Track inbound clicks through your RSS and Atom feeds

Matomo Tracker is not affiliated with or endorsed by Matomo. For support with Matomo itself check out their website.