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Update your website with new content or photos. Revamp a page or renew your contact options or SEO.

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Update your website with new content or photos. Revamp a page or renew your contact options or SEO.
Make changes to your resume or portfolio with the latest additions. Change your contact options or add your latest adventure. Refresh your photos or update the overall look of the site with some new colours or text.

If you’re not sure about editing HTML, CSS or Javascript yourself, get me to help you out. Update your website with new stuff and turbocharge your online presence.

I’ll make sure the website works in all major browsers.


  • You’ll need to have ordered a Profile Website from me in the past. This is not a update service for random websites.
  • Prepare your content and write the text you want updated or added1.
  • A general idea of what you want your new content to tell people.
  • (Optionally) High resolution photos of you and relevant subjects for the new content.
  • If you want to change the subject of a page or section. Consider what this page should look like.2.
  • If we’re adding a Contact Form, you’ll need a re-Captcha security hash from Google3.
  • If we’re adding a Facebook Widget, you’ll need a working Facebook Page and App3.

Note: This service is NOT meant to build large and complex websites. If you’re looking for a simple but professional approach to give people a way to learn a bit more about you and contact you, then this service is what you want.

1 I can rewrite your text to have a better flow or wording if needed.
2 I’ll advise you about the layout and possibilities within the template of your website.
3 Of-course I’ll assist you with this if need be. You can also give me access to the relevant accounts so I can set things up for you.

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