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Have you always wanted an attractive online presence other than Facebook or LinkedIn? You should have a good looking profile website built in HTML5/CSS.

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Have you always wanted an attractive online presence other than Facebook, LinkedIn or some blog on a blogging service? You should have a good looking profile website built in HTML5/CSS consisting of one, two or three pages.

Not every website has to be powered by Content Management Systems that have many features you’ll never use. All that extra stuff takes away from the speed and performance of the website as a whole. While a CMS certainly has its place, a nice looking profile page that only occasionally gets updated often doesn’t need it.

You can have a professional looking website on job interviews or use it as a business card for your business associates, friends and colleagues. Profile websites are useful to support your social media, and add that extra ‘oomph’ to your online presence.

Take a look at the various product images to see which template you like the most. Live previews are available on request. I’ll make sure the website works in all major browsers.

Common website structure:

Pick any of the following focusses for each page in the dropdown menus above.

  • Front Page: Introduction to who you are.
  • Second Page: Portfolio/Gallery/Travel/Work page showcasing the relevant focus of the page.
  • Third Page: Portfolio/Gallery/Travel/Work page. This page usually has a different focus as the secondary page.
  • Contact Page: Have people connect with you.

Note: Some templates combine the various pages into sections on a single page.
Caution: Not every template has all sections or pages available. Check the product images for details!

Included with every website:

  • Effective SEO with custom social images and description texts
  • OpenGraph support for (among others) Twitter and Facebook
  • A functional sitemap.xml and robots.txt file for search indexing
  • Advanced Browser caching support to make the site as fast as possible


  • You’ll need working (basic) webhosting that supports HTML (PHP support if you want a contact form)1.
  • A domain name registered and linked to said webhosting2.
  • A general idea of what you want your website to tell people.
  • Text for the content3.
  • High resolution photos of you and relevant subjects for the pages.
  • If you want a Contact Form, you’ll need a re-Captcha security hash from Google4.
  • If you want a Facebook Widget, you’ll need a working Facebook Page and App4.

Note: This service is NOT meant to build large and complex websites. If you’re looking for a simple but professional approach to give people a way to learn a bit more about you and contact you, then this service is what you want.

1 If you need help with cheap and reliable webhosting I can advise you.
2 Choose your domain name wisely. If you don’t know where to buy one, I can advise you.
3 I can rewrite your text to have a better flow or wording if needed.
4 Of-course I’ll assist you with this if need be. You can also give me access to the relevant accounts so I can set things up for you.