Stripe Surcharge for WooCommerce


Charge your customers a small fee for the use of Stripe Credit Cards. Transaction fees are no fun. Stripe makes you pay for every transaction making it harder to run a profitable business. Make those margins count with Stripe Surcharge for WooCommerce!

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With Stripe Surcharge for WooCommerce you can charge your customers a fee for the use of their Credit Card. This can be a fixed amount or a percent fee.

Why charge a surcharge? Because transactions are expensive, especially if you deal with disputes and chargebacks. A common occurrence when accepting Credit Cards. On top of that, transaction fees can be a huge burden for online stores, I know they are for me… Either way, Stripe Surcharge for WooCommerce can help you out.

As you know, Stripe charges you a fee that you have to pay for every transaction, this running cost makes running a profitable business harder every year. Especially for smaller E-commerce sites.

Credit Cards are an essential part of revenue. Millions of people use a credit card every day. Not accepting credit cards on your site is almost unthinkable. Many businesses can not afford to stop not accept credit cards as a payment option because so many potential customers use and rely on their credit card.

This plugin gets irregular updates. You get access to the download for 1 year from purchasing.

Percentage or Fixed amount

With Stripe Surcharge for WooCommerce you can charge your customers a percentage fee or fixed amount on top of their cart total.

Dynamic updates

The surcharge is added only if the buyer selects the Stripe Credit Card payment gateway on checkout. And is removed if they select another payment gateway.

Note: Keep in mind that charging an extra fee also raises your transaction cost slightly. Set your surcharge to a sufficient amount.
Advise: It is smart to amend your FAQ or Terms of Service to inform people about the surcharge. Nobody likes surprises.


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Version details and requirements

Current version: 1.3
Plugin Author: Arnan de Gans
Requires PHP version: 5.6

Requires WordPress: 4.9
Tested with WordPress: 5.9.3

Requires ClassicPress: 1.0
Tested with ClassicPress: 1.4.1

Update details

Released on: 6 January 2021
Update summary: Added support for more Stripe Gateway plugins
Changelog for version 1.3:

  • Tested with WooCommerce 4.8
  • Tested with WordPress 5.6
  • Added support for Stripe Payment Gateway by WebToffee
  • Added support for Stripe for WooCommerce by Payment Plugins

Please keep your plugins up-to-date!

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