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Migrate your website to ClassicPress and Classic Commerce and replace WordPress and Classic Commerce with something better and more productive!



Are you tired of WordPress? Does the Gutenberg editor not work for you? Is WooCommerce becoming too much to handle? But at the same time you do not want to leave WordPress and WooCommerce behind… I sure didn’t. But I was thoroughly unhappy by using WordPress and WooCommerce. I fixed all of that by migrating my website to ClassicPress and Classic Commerce.

And you can too!

Both ClassicPress and Classic Commerce are alternatives to WordPress and WooCommerce that you’ll love for their old-school simplicity and performance. They’re an easy to use alternative which are based on a older version of WordPress from simpler times. If you’re familiar with using WordPress you’ll instantly feel at home. While migrating from WordPress to ClassicPress is not very hard, the process can be a bit daunting… What if a plugin is not compatible, or gives errors after migration… Not a good time. And that’s where this service comes to the rescue.

If you’re not sure about migrating yourself, or simply don’t want to deal with it this service is for you.

Which Package is right for you

Some websites have been online for many years and plugins may not be compatible or are otherwise troublesome. When you’re unsure how to proceed you can order the assessment first. For a small fee I’ll take a look at your website, the plugins and the complexity of things and assess what needs to be done to replace WordPress with ClassicPress. With that recommendation you can make a better decision on how to proceed.

If however you can deal with a few small compatibility issues and resolve errors yourself the basic package will suit you just fine to get started. Of-course no matter which package you choose you’ll need to spend some time on your website after migrating everything over to make sure it all works.

ClassicPress and Classic Commerce

ClassicPress is created from a older version of WordPress, version 4.9 to be specific. This is the last version that before they added the terrible Gutenberg block editor. In WordPress blocks are on their way to replace themes and are supposed to make designing your website easier. Unfortunately for many people it only slows them down and makes editing pages and posts frustrating.

Not so with ClassicPress, which handles like a word processor and feels nimble and fast doing so. Just the way it should be!

Because ClassicPress is the same as WordPress in many ways most plugins and themes are compatible and can be used in ClassicPress without any issues. And that’s really awesome!
For example, this website is also made with ClassicPress and almost exclusively uses WordPress plugins and a WooCommerce theme.

Likewise, Classic Commerce is an E-Commerce (or webshop) plugin based on WooCommerce. In many ways the idea is the same as with ClassicPress it’s compatible with most WooCommerce plugins and themes. Also on this website I use Classic Commerce for all sales and money related actions and I think it’s a great alternative for WooCommerce if you like a speedy and efficient website without the bloated features WooCommerce added over the years.

Package Assessment Basic Complete Webshop
Work assessment
ClassicPress migration
Classic Commerce migration
Plugin issue solving

Do I need a website?

Yes. In order to do a migration from WordPress you need a working and configured WordPress website.

What kind of Hosting do I need?

Your hosting must be compatible with WordPress. ClassicPress has the same requirements.

When do we start?

As soon as I have all the required information to get started. Depending on how prepared you are this can go very fast.

Once done do you provide help and support?

I have a support system where you can ask all your questions related to ClassicPress or anything related to it.


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