Service Status

This website monitors every version of the API Arnan offers, some older versions exist to serve older versions of AdRotate Professional but the status of those is not visible on this page.

Updates and Licensing

Every plugin that receives automatic updates, checks for updates or uses a license goes through these 2 API.

Plugin Update API

Average response time


License API

AdRotate Geo

Some stats on AdRotate Geo. AdRotate Geo is the exclusive Geo Targeting service for AdRotate Professional users.
The response time represents the average lookup time for all subscribers on the AdRotate Geo Server.

Lookup Service

Average response time


Active Subscribers


Analytics Spam Blocker

Stats based on submitted reports for the Analytics Spam Blocker plugin.

Reporting Api

Average response time




Next check: 2 February 2023 22:00 (GMT)
If you’re having trouble using any of the API, please get in touch as soon as possible via the contact form and mention what you’re trying to do and which API is not working for you. If you see any errors, please include that too. Thanks!