AdRotate Pro update notice received via email

Difficulty: Easy | Updated: July 11, 2019

AdRotate Pro, like most other plugins, will receive updates from time to time. Usually once per month or so.

If you see this page you’ve received an email notifying you that your installation of AdRotate Pro is more than 5 versions behind on the current version. The update server has consistently offered updates to you for more than 6 months and you still didn’t update. This may put your website at risk.

To motivate people to update more consistently I’ve gone through great efforts to create an easy to use update system that works exactly the same as regular updates. The number one response in my support efforts is that people should update their AdRotate installations first. Most of the time the issue they’re having or the feature they’re missing is because they didn’t update.

Updating AdRotate Pro

Often bug fixes are included in newer versions. Sometimes these are security related or simply fix broken features. In larger updates new features are included or old features are overhauled, adding value to your advertising experience.

Updating is therefor not only useful, but also important.
If you do not want to install every update, then do so at-least twice a year or so.

If no update is available in your account your license may be expired. Licenses expire after 1 year from purchase.
This is also visible in your dashboard when you try to use the automatic update option. You’re notified a week before a license expires via email.

Automatic Updates

Updates are offered through your dashboard, just like other plugins on the plugins page or the WordPress update dashboard. When the update shows up in your dashboard, you can install the update with only a few clicks, just like any other plugin update.

I personally prefer to do updates via the Dashboard > Updates dashboard page. As it gives a more complete overview of all updates and has a Check Update button. See the screenshot below.

Manual Updates

Updating AdRotate is not all that hard. In most cases the update is offered through your dashboard. For some people the update isn’t shown and others simply like to do it manually. There is a easy to follow step-by-step guide to update AdRotate Professional via (s)FTP. Take a look at the Update Guide for more information.

Update AdRotate Pro now

Update Service

If you have no time to update AdRotate Pro yourself, or if you simply don’t know how.