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Difficulty: Easy | Updated: December 19, 2019

Using the internal tracker for AdRotate collects Clicks and Impressions locally. Measured by how many times the advert is loaded and how many times a tagged link is clicked on. In AdRotate Professional you can also use Matomo and Google Analytics for statistics instead.


Statistics for various parts of the plugin can be accessed by using the stats links find in most management panels.

Adverts show some stats directly in the dashboard as well.


And groups do too.


In AdRotate all stats are live.

More specific statistics

There is a global overview. You can browse these stats on a per month basis.

Similarly, each advert has it’s own statistical overview with a graph. Also these are browsable per month.

And groups have a similar report dashboard showing statistics from all adverts currently in that group.

How are stats counted

AdRotate tracks 2 kinds of statistics; Impressions and Clicks.


using the default settings, an impression can be counted every 60 seconds (Impression timer). This means that if an advert is shown to a visitor an impression is counted. If the visitor stays on that page for 60 seconds or more and then loads another page or reloads the page and sees the same advert, another impression is counted. If the visitor loads a new page and sees the same advert before the impression timer runs out, no second impression is counted.

The impression timers default setting is 60 seconds. You can change this in AdRotate settings.
You should change this value if your average time on a page for visitors is different than 60 seconds. If people on average stay to a page for 3 minutes, it may help with the stats accuracy to set the impression timer to 3 minutes also.


Clicks work largely the same as impressions but with a larger cool-down. The default setting for this is 86400 seconds (24 hours).
This is called the click timer and can also be changed in AdRotate settings. Usually the default setting is fine.
The cool-down is primarily meant to counter click fraud.

Filtering out bots and crawlers

To prevent inflating stats too much and only count “real” people AdRotate employs a few mechanics ignore bots and crawlers.
By default, and this can not be changed, anything with a empty user-agent is not counted in any stats. Likewise if the IP address of the visitor can not be determined no stats are counted.

And lastly, AdRotate has a configurable bot-filter to counter all common bots. You can configure this filter in AdRotate settings by adding or removing keywords from the text field. This is a partial word matching system. This means that if you enter the keyword “fire” everyone using “Firefox” is ignored for stats.

Export statistics

Pro Feature

Statistics can be exported in CSV format. Each report screen has an option to export the shown period or any previous month or year. Additionally you can have those statistics emailed to you.

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