Archive Adverts

Difficulty: Advanced | Updated: February 8, 2016
Pro feature
Archiving too many adverts at the same time may stall your server or slow down your website. Archive adverts one at a time if they’ve been running for a long time or have a lot of stats.

Archiving adverts is a feature that lets you permanently disable adverts. Once archived, the advert remains available for you to review, see it’s stats and even change it’s setup. However, it can no longer be shown on your website. The campaign is finished, it’s taken out of the pool of usable adverts for good.

Archiving adverts is simply done by selecting the adverts you want to archive and selecting the Archive option in the bulk actions menu.


Once archived your adverts are available on the Archive page linked in the top of the Manage Adverts dashboard.


Advert template

Since you can’t re-activate (or un-archive) an advert it is permanently disabled. You can however duplicate the advert into a new advert. Using this feature you can then use an archived advert as a sort of template.


While editing an archived advert you’ll see a notification that the advert is archived and the activate option is removed.


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