Couple adverts to advertisers

Difficulty: Advanced | Updated: July 7, 2021
Pro Feature

Using this feature you can let your advertisers follow how their adverts perform on your website. Coupling one or more adverts to an account lets the user log in to their own little dashboard where they can review the adverts and some analytics for them.
To give the user access you have to appoint a WordPress user as an advertiser. You do this from the users profile.

An advert can be assigned to one account and one account only. This is done when you create or edit the advert. Just look for the Advertiser option. Select the name of the user you want to give access to and save it. Important here is to enable click tracking otherwise the user can’t see the performance!


Optionally you can enable advertisers to edit their adverts as well. You can enable this option from the users profile.

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