Enable Advertisers

Difficulty: Intermediate | Updated: October 15, 2019
Pro Feature

Enabling advertisers let’s you assign adverts to WordPress users. These users can then review, edit or even create their own adverts from the dashboard. Setup is easy and requires only a few settings to be made. First go into the AdRotate Professional Settings, navigate to the Roles tab and make sure your access roles are set up correctly.

Access Roles and Freedoms

All roles default to Administrator. The option at the very top called Advertiser page is for advertisers. All other options are for you and your admins.

Any other dashboard you allow regular advertisers access to will give them access to parts of the plugin meant for administrators. Allowing them to view, edit and/or delete adverts or related items they shouldn’t.

Advertiser features

The top checkbox is to enable the Advertiser feature. If you also want your advertisers to have some freedoms enable the relevant checkboxes below it as well.

Lastly, if you want to separate your advertisers from regular subscribers you can use the Advertiser Role checkbox which will create a new Subscriber role called Advertisers. This role is practically identical to the subscriber role but with a different name.


Advertiser profile

In every user in WordPress a few new options are visible which let’s you mark that user as an advertiser and configure what they can and can not do with it.

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