Let advertisers contact you

Difficulty: Basic | Updated: January 18, 2015
Pro Feature

Advertisers can easily contact you through the AdRotate dashboard with a few basic options. The resulting message will signify which advert you as a advertisers are talking about. This allows you to focus on what you want to say without having to specify which advert or technical details.

Your advertisers have 3 links for each advert available to them. Each sends a slightly different message.


If you click “renew” the resulting message will be tailored to tell the publisher to renew the advert. The message field serves to relay your specific wishes or comments.
When you click “remove” the publisher will be informed the advert should be removed. Here the message field is useful to tell the publisher about the reason or end date.
And if neither of those subjects apply. Use the “other” link which generates a more generic message so you can start a conversation or discussion about the advert.

The publisher (You) will receive an email similar to this:


The publisher can then based on your wishes/instruction take action, or reply to this email to contact you directly.

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