Manage Groups

Difficulty: Easy | Updated: November 24, 2015

Managing groups is an important part of setting up AdRotate for the first time. But also over time as you add more groups or perhaps remove them.
Groups makes placing ads on your site easier and more efficient.


You can of course place a single advert in a page. Or in multiple pages. But what if that advert expires after a while. You’ll need to edit each and every location that advert is in and replace it with a new one. Not efficient.
Instead of putting the advert everywhere. You can also put the group everywhere. Then when adverts in that group expire you simply disable the advert (or renew it) and/or add new adverts to the group.

Naming groups

Groups have a name which helps you manage them. For example distinct names are useful to recognize which location they’re at or which advertiser has a campaign in them. For example; A group for the header can be named something like header 728×90. This let’s you instantly see what that group is for. Using descriptive and useful names saves you time.

Group statistics

Each group has a set of statistics. These are the combined statistics of the adverts currently in the group. Only clicks and impressions made through the group are shown here.


Bulk actions

Bulk actions are actions you can perform on multiple groups at once.


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